Report: Apple refuses to let customers in Apple Stores in Turkey

Apple Stores in Turkey are not letting customers enter to buy Apple products due to the Turkish economic crisis. Long lines are being formed next to Apple’s three retail stores in Istanbul.

According to macReports, the un-Apple move is caused by rapid currency shift due to the significant declining value of the Turkish lira – the official currency of Turkey.

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Images shared by macReports show many customers waiting in long lines formed nearby Apple Stores in Istanbul, and that some of them are allowed to enter just for Genius Bar service.

apple store turkey

The outlet notes that once the Turkish lira gets back up, a price hike is expected, as well as high demands for Apple products:

“Today, after visiting the Apple stores in Turkey, we learn that customers visiting the physical stores are being told that sales will resume after the exchange rate stabilizes – and that once sales resume, Turks can expect increased prices.”

“Recently, according to Apple employees in Turkey, the demand for Apple products has been very high. Additionally, they said that their inventory stocks of items have gotten very low.”

Other Turkish reports are stating that the economic crisis is not affecting Apple in addition to many products sold in the three Apple Stores across Istanbul:

Since the beginning of the year, the dollar rate rose to 80% against the Turkish lira, resulting in a historic economic crisis for the Turkish economy. Affecting many businesses across the Turkish state.

This is bad news especially for the newly-opened Apple Bağdat Caddesi store, the latest retail branch by the Cupertino-based company in Turkey. The store opened on October 22.

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