Instagram head says that it’s working on new chronological feed for 2022

Instagram head says that it's working on new chronological feed for 2022

Instagram is working on bringing back chronological feed for the photo-sharing platform, with a launch in the first quarter of next year.

This comes from Adam Mosseri, American-Israeli businessman and head of Instagram. On Wednesday, Mosseri testified before Congress, detailing how the app affects kids and teen safety. Additionally, one of the topics that appeared to question Mosseri was that how users get addicted by using the platform.

Addiction from Instagram usage exists thanks to the app’s algorithm and how it works behind the scenes. Mosseri then revealed that Instagram has been working on bringing back the chronological feed “for months” and that the company hopes to launch it in the first quarter of next year.”

The social platform caused a huge controversy in 2016 when the chronological order of the feed was removed. The reason the platform gave was that replacing it will “improve the user’s experience.” However, many users are still angry and demand the company to reverse the move.

Further details on the chronological order are unknown other than the ongoing Instagram development of the feed and launching it in Q1 2022.

Another big update by Appleosophy’s Dylan Posselet report is the company working on a fresh new UI, with a rollout beginning on iOS.

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