RED Commemorates 15 Years of Collaboration with Apple with ‘INSPI(RED)’ Video

Ever since (PRODUCT)RED opened its doors on January 20, 2006, Apple became one of the first companies to partner with this philanthropic brand. In fact, the largest mobile device company has been continuing with this collaboration to this day.

The first product that Apple released in collaboration with (RED) was the second generation iPod nano (October 13, 2006). Over the next 15 years, Apple has offered iPods, accessories, iPhones, and Apple Watches in (PRODUCT)RED. The big company even celebrates World AIDS Day by raising awareness through Apple Pay and other services. When you purchase any of (RED) product from Apple, a portion of the proceeds go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. Additionally, from now until December 31, 2022, half of the proceeds will go towards Global Fund’s COVID-19 in response to the ongoing outbreak.

The second generation iPod nano in (PRODUCT)RED was Apple’s first product as part of its collaboration with RED. Image credit: Apple
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You can go to Apple’s (PRODUCT)RED page to learn more about this ongoing partnership. There, you can find all of the (PRODUCT)RED products that Apple sells such as the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch. You can also download free watch faces to match your (PRODUCT)RED Apple Watch and/or watch band. When you purchase a product in (RED), you’re helping Apple to raise over $270 million to fight against global pandemics. You can watch this inspiring video below.


Nick Soong
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