Gucci Sells AirPods Max Case for $980

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If you think spending $550 on AirPods Max is exorbitant? Consider buying Gucci’s AirPods Max case for a whopping $980. No this isn’t some collaboration similar to that with Hèrmes. Considering that Gucci is a luxury brand, the price shouldn’t come as a surprise for you.

If you want to know what makes this Gucci case so special, the company’s website has all the details. Officially dubbed the “Ophidia Case for AirPods Max”, Gucci designs the case to protect the headphones with vintage and contemporary design aspects. The AirPods Max doesn’t have any branding or Apple logo, but the Ophidia case gives you a change to flaunt your AirPods Max big-time.

Just as Apple always cares about the environment, Gucci’s case is no exception as the beige case is lined in neoprene and viscose. Along with brown leather details and a “Snap” button closure with a gold “GG” logo, the adjustable shoulder strap lets you carry your AirPods Max like a small luxury handbag. However, one feature that Gucci doesn’t mention is whether the Ophidia case has magnets like Apple’s Smart Case. Fear not, you can always recharge your AirPods Max in the luxury case every 20 hours.

If you have a thousand dollars, then buying this Ophidia case is a great way to burn your wallet besides the Pro Stand. After all, it looks way better than the default “bikini-style” Smart Case. However, we urge you to not buy it and flex them in public as gold diggers would definitely chase you to no end.

What do you think about this bizarre accessory? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us at @Appleosophy.

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