Silverstein Properties enables Wallet app usage for employee IDs

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Appleosophy | Silverstein Properties enables Wallet app usage for employee IDs
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Coming into work just got a little more convenient.

Silverstein Properties, which is “a leading real estate development, investment and management firm” based in New York City, announced today on its website that employees can now add their employee ID badges to the Apple Wallet app.

For now, accessibility for the Wallet app ID badge is currently through the company’s World Trade Center office. It will enable employees in that building to have access to its offices, tenant floors, fitness centers and amenity spaces.

Employees will simply have to use their iPhone or Apple Watch with their employee badge in the Wallet app in order to get from room to room, when required.

There are plans to expand the usage to customers at its New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles offices too.

Tal Kerret, president of Silverstein Properties, said this will be a great feature for employees and customers.

“We are proud to make it easy for our employees and customers to get into our buildings, their offices, and our shared lounges, cafes, conference facilities and yoga studios using employee badge in Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch,” he said. “Through our Inspire app, we can now provide and manage access to any number of buildings and spaces in a safe and secure way.”

The company also listed how employees can get started on adding their ID badges to the Wallet app:

  • Seamless Set-up: Employees and tenants can add their employee badge to Apple Wallet after an initial set-up through Silverstein’s Inspire app. Once added, the badge will give them access to enter their office building, office space and shared fitness and amenity spaces. Unlike the physical cards, there is no waiting time for gaining building credentials and access for new employees.
  • Simply Tap iPhone or Apple Watch to Unlock: Once an employee badge is added to Apple Wallet on iPhone or Apple Watch, users can hold their device near the door’s NFC-enabled lock to access secured areas. With Express Mode, tenants don’t need to unlock their device to use their badge in Apple Wallet. If their iPhone needs to be charged, they can still use the device to access their office or amenity areas for up to five hours with Power Reserve.
  • More Secure and Private: Employee badges in Apple Wallet are stored on personal devices and take full advantage of the privacy and security built into iPhone and Apple Watch. When a Silverstein employee uses a badge in Apple Wallet, it is never shared with Apple or stored on Apple servers. If their iPhone or Apple Watch is misplaced, the owner of the device can promptly use the Find My app to lock the device and help locate it.

Silverstein Properties is also said to be one of the first companies in the U.S. to begin offering this option for its employees.

What are your thoughts on Silverstein Properties adding this feature for its employees and customers? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

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