Gurman: Apple’s VR Headset Could Use Memojis for FaceTime and SharePlay

Apple might use Memojis on its upcoming AR/VR headset for a better video calling experience through FaceTime. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported this on the latest installment of his weekly newsletter “Power On”. SharePlay would allow multiple headset wearers to experience music, movies, and games together.

Gurman predicts that the AR/VR headset would run “rOS” or “realityOS” and it is codenamed “Oak” by Apple. As he said earlier, the headset would primarily focus on gaming, media consumption, and communication. As video calling through the headset might not be possible, Apple is taking this alternate approach of Memojis.

Apple's MR headset to run 'realityOS' & feature App Store
Concept Render By: Ian Zelbo
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Mark Gurman said, “I imagine a virtual reality version of FaceTime where you can be in a conference room with dozens of people. Instead of seeing their actual faces, you’ll see 3D versions of them (Memojis)“. He also added “I assume the headset will be able to determine a person’s facial expressions in real-time, making the experience fairly lifelike. I would also look for heavy use of SharePlay in the new realityOS, allowing multiple headset wearers to experience music, movies, and games together.”

Last month, Gurman reported that the AR/VR headset is most likely delayed to 2023, with the product announced late this year. According to the rumors, the headset would feature two processors similar to the M1 Pro SoC, on a 5nm process, 8K viewing panels, two in Micro-LED and one in AMOLED. The Cupertino giant’s new headset is expected to have a hefty price tag of around $2000.

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