Kuo: Apple Car Team ‘Dissolved’, Needs Reorganization For 2025

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has reported a very essential statement regarding the Cupertino-based giant’s upcoming Project Titan. Saying that the Apple Car team has dissolved with reorganization slated to happen.

Apple’s Car project codenamed “Titan” has been ongoing since 2014 with many research, development, talks, and partnerships.

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The Apple electric vehicle has been a product the Cupertino-based giant has been working on for a long time and many people are excited to see the official announcement in addition to how the vehicle will look like.

In a tweet he posted on Twitter, Kuo has said that reorganization is needed for the company to meet its goal of mass production of the upcoming electric vehicle in 2025:

“The Apple Car project team has been dissolved for some time. The reorganization within the next three to six months is necessary to achieve the goal of mass production by 2025.”

Rumors, leaks, reports, and speculation regarding the upcoming Apple Car have been unusual. Sometimes Apple is closing in a partnership with well-established car manufacturers while sometimes the company is yet to name the carmaker, or that it could independently produce the car.

Courtesy: Apple

Now, we hear that the Cupertino-based giant’s own executive team – responsible for the project – is dissolving. However, we can still be optimistic about what Apple is planning for the next phases starting in 2025.

Earlier this year, the company sent a delegation to South Korea to discuss essential parts and components for the electric vehicle with local car suppliers:

“The domestic components industry has entered a full-scale war to enter the Apple Autonomous Vehicle ‘Apple Car’ supply chain (SCM). Apple is expected to finalize the selection of Apple Car suppliers in a big framework throughout the year and enter full-scale development. Apple is reportedly interested in South Korean companies in key components.”

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