Report: Apple To Name Apple Car Maker in Late 2022

Heedo Abu Laban
Appleosophy | Report: Apple To Name Apple Car Maker in Late 2022
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After numerous reports and progress, Apple is reportedly readying to announce the car manufacturer that will produce the long-rumored Apple Car.

Apple’s Car project codenamed “Titan” has been ongoing since 2014 with many research, development, talks, and partnerships. The Apple electric vehicle has been a product the Cupertino-based giant has been working on for a long time and many people are excited to see the official announcement in addition to how the car will look like.

Apple’s South Korea Talks

According to Korea’s ET News, back in December 2021, Apple sent a team to visit South Korea with the goal of meeting car suppliers and focusing on providing essential parts and components for the electric vehicle to enter mass production, with a decision on who will manufacture the car by the end of 2022.

“The domestic components industry has entered a full-scale war to enter the Apple Autonomous Vehicle ‘Apple Car’ supply chain (SCM). Apple is expected to finalize the selection of Apple Car suppliers in a big framework throughout the year and enter full-scale development. Apple is reportedly interested in South Korean companies in key components.”

The outlet noted that Apple held talks with one major auto manufacturer. However, the company wants electronic firms to join the project for the usage of their parts:

“The business related to Apple Car is being done under the surface, if the information is leaked to a company, then the company may be removed from the supplier candidate. It is being handled very carefully.”

Appleosophy | Report: Apple To Name Apple Car Maker in Late 2022
Courtesy: Martin Katler

Apple × Hyundai & Kia?

Last year, Apple held discussions with Hyundai and Kia regarding a major partnership that will result in the car being manufactured by one or both of the carmakers. However, talks were torn down following confirmations by the South Korean carmakers, angering the tech giant.

Reports back in March by Mark Gurman cited that Apple could go extremely further and independently produce the car, through a contract manufacturer just like the iPhone. This could also affect the secretive project as some of the iPhone suppliers have established a “task force” to ensure Apple doesn’t rule them out of the game.

In November, it was reported that Apple had hired former Tesla engineer Christopher “CJ” Moore who directed the Autopilot team.

Appleosophy’s Take

Project Titan still has a long way to go, even with all of the new details and reports, things could change rapidly as the initiative intensifies. Apple is expected to launch the car sometime this decade between 2025-2028. Meanwhile, other reports cite that Apple will launch a fully autonomous car by 2025.

Heedo Abu Laban
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