5 Must-Have Apple Accessories for Every Gamer

Appleosophy|5 Must-Have Apple Accessories for Every Gamer
Appleosophy|5 Must-Have Apple Accessories for Every Gamer
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Gaming on Apple devices has improved dramatically over the years, and in fact, the iOS ecosystem is especially worthy of praise for its positive impact on mobile games in the last decade.

If you are an avid gamer or just a player who likes to indulge in a casual session every now and then, there are a few add-ons and accessories that will seriously enhance your experience above and beyond its base level.

Here’s a round-up of the best Apple gadgets that work wonders for gaming, whether on iPhone, iPad, or Mac.


AirPods Pro

The AirPods family of wireless earphones have redefined expectations in this market niche, and any Apple user really needs to stick with this first-party audio solution if they want to get the most out of their games without disturbing the others around them.

Whether you want to fire up Call of Duty to keep you entertained on your iPhone during the morning commute, or you want to learn how to play poker on your Mac when chilling out in the evening, the AirPods Pro is arguably the best way to do it.

They don’t have the higher price point of the AirPods Max, and they still manage to blow the competition out of the water in terms of audio quality and integrated features.

Furthermore, like all Apple products, they work seamlessly with the devices that share their DNA. So if you’re sick of Bluetooth pairing issues with third-party earbuds, this is the way to go.

MagSafe Battery Pack

If you are gaming on the go, then this will invariably drain the battery of your chosen portable device. Even with the advances that Apple has made with battery life, the reality is that unless you have access to a plug socket, this could leave you without enough juice to go about the rest of your day.

Intense portable gaming sessions are much less of an issue if you invest in the MagSafe battery pack, which works especially well with the iPhone 12 and 13 ranges since it provides power wirelessly to recharge your handset’s battery wherever you happen to be.

Magic Keyboard

If the iPad Pro is your platform of choice, then the Magic Keyboard is arguably a must-have accessory because of the wealth of productivity features it brings with it. And of course when the working day is done and you want to enjoy a bit of gaming action, then it is equally useful.

It could come in handy for playing titles that are a bit limited when relying solely on touchscreen controls, such as first-person shooters and strategy games.

Likewise, if you want to do more with emulation on your iPad Pro, or tinker at the more advanced end of the gaming spectrum, then the Magic Keyboard will give you the ease of access and intuitiveness that makes a difference.

The added advantage of this accessory is that it’s also a case for the iPad Pro, and will protect the display from damage when it is folded across it. So for your long-distance gaming adventures, it will be a real all-rounder.

Polishing Cloth

One of the newest additions to Apple’s roster of accessories is also the simplest. The Polishing Cloth does exactly what you’d think; namely, it lets you polish the displays of your Apple devices and remove dirt, fingerprint grime, and other debris with ease, without scratching the surface.

For games, this is definitely a good purchase, since you’ll be interacting with your Apple gadgets all day long, and by the time the evening arrives they could look pretty disgusting with all the gunk that has accumulated. The Polishing Cloth is the only Apple-made and branded solution you’ll ever need.

Smart Battery Case

If you’re mainly concerned with keeping your iPhone’s battery topped up and you don’t have a device that’s compatible with the aforementioned MagSafe Battery Pack, then your best bet is to pick up one of Apple’s Smart Battery Case products.

There are many versions of this case, both in terms of the colorful designs featured as well as the shape and size of the case itself, so you can personalize models like the iPhone XS, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and many others while also charging them above and beyond what the standard internal battery will achieve.

So as you can see, if you want to stock up on gamer-friendly accessories, there are lots of options available, and Apple has you covered in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness.

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Appleosophy|5 Must-Have Apple Accessories for Every Gamer
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