Apple Silently Increased AirPods Prices in India as Much as 10%

Apple Silently Raised AirPods Prices in India

Apple has silently raised the prices of AirPods products in India by as much as 10% for some models. The products affected are the second and third-generation AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max. This is a very mysterious move for Apple to make in India.

Spotted by our Pururaj Dutta, he tweeted that the pricing for the 3rd-gen and Pro models of Apple’s wireless earbuds have been raised on Apple’s Online Store. The third-generation AirPods were priced at Rs. 18,500 ($245) and are now Rs. 20,500 ($272) – this is a difference of Rs. 2000 (~$30) – while AirPods Pro were priced at Rs. 24,900 ($330) and are now Rs. 26,300 ($349), a difference of Rs. 1400 (~$20).

In addition, the second-generation AirPods were priced at Rs. 12,900 ($171) and are now Rs. 14,100 ($187) — that is a difference of Rs. 1,200 ($15) or 5%. Meanwhile, AirPods Max took the largest hit with a previous price of Rs. 59,900 ($795) and is now Rs. 66,100 ($878).

The Cupertino-based giant has been investing in India for quite some years now. This Apple AirPods price hike is mysterious and unclear due to the company’s slow development and progress in the Indian market as well as the reopening of the iPhone plant in Sriperumbudur earlier this year.

Back in November 2021, Apple started hiring employees for its first Apple Store in the country, as the company is set to begin its off-line operations in India. The iPhone is the fastest-growing smartphone in the country.

Heedo Abu Laban
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