Foxconn To Reopen its iPhone Plant in India on January 12

Apple supplier Foxconn will reopen its iPhone manufacturing facility in India on January 12. Multiple government officials and a local legislator informed Reuters. The Foxconn plant is located in Sriperumbudur, near Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, which is also known as the “Detroit of Asia.”

The facility employs around 17,000 workers only for the assembly of iPhones. It was shut down on December 18 after the protests regarding food poisoning of more than 250 workers came to light. The Cupertino-based company said that it had put the facility on probation. The company would also closely monitor the food quality and healthcare facilities.

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Reuters also mentioned that the operations will resume with around 100 workers and would take more than two months to get back on 100% production. Apple has more than eight suppliers currently operating in India.

“Workers will start to return gradually as soon as we are certain our standards are being met in every dormitory and dining area,” Apple said in a statement to Reuters. Apple and Foxconn refused to comment on the reopening of that facility.

Last month, Apple started the trial-production of iPhone 13 and 13 mini in India in that same Foxconn plant. In India, Apple is currently assembling iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and 12 mini, and iPhone SE 2020.

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