Apple Continues to Sell the Apple Watch Series 3 Despite Dropping Support for watchOS 9

When Apple introduced watchOS 9, it announced that it has dropped support for the very outdated Series 3 Watch. Oddly enough, Apple continues to sell that watch at the same MSRP price of $199 for years. On the contrary, iOS 16 also dropped support for the very last iPod touch (7th generation), and Apple discontinued the music player already a couple weeks back. Here’s how the Series 3 Watch is a very terrible value for users.

Series 3 users would find themselves in a very difficult situation. With its limiting 8GB of storage, if you want to install the software update, you would have to erase the entire device in order to install the update. Thus, the installation process would take hours because of antiquated 32-bit processor. Thanks to the aging hardware, everyday tasks are painfully slow, and you’d not get many new watch faces or even essential health features that you would find in other models such as fall detection. Not to mention, the very small screen had already frustrated developers who were trying to develop watch apps. Users who paid more to get the Apple Watch SE have been wise enough because they will get the most out of all of the watchOS features that Apple has to offer with many more to come in watchOS 9.

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It’s still possible that Apple is now clearing out supplies for the Series 3, and they will make announcement that they’ll offer the device while supplies last before September when Apple introduces the next series of Apple Watch. Apple really should discontinue the Series 3 Watch; otherwise, it’s guaranteed that Apple will pull the plug on the watch in September.

Therefore, if you’re buying an Apple Watch, please don’t buy the Series 3. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you. Even Apple recommends you to get the SE as Apple never mentioned the Series 3 in its press release about the iPod touch’s discontinuation.

Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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