Opinion: Can an iPad be used entirely to manage a blog in 2022?

Appleosophy | Opinion: Can an iPad be used entirely to manage a blog in 2022?
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Apple has made many advances with the iPad in the past few years and there comes the transitional question that many are wondering out there, with that question being “can I use an iPad to manage a blog?”

It is 2022 and we have come a long way with technology.

Traditionally, people have used desktop and laptop computers to write for and manage blogs. It’s just the way it has always been done, especially with laptops since they are more portable and can be used in places like coffee shops, hotels, and airports.

With that said, with technological advances at Apple and its iPads, one of the biggest accessories to come from it has been the Smart Keyboard and Magic Keyboard which have made typing and writing on the iPad much easier. Previously, customers would have had to purchase a keyboard case from Belkin or another brand and pair that keyboard every time over Bluetooth in order to type on their iPad adequately.

Clearly, that is not what we’re doing now.

The truth is you can easily use just an iPad, whether that is the 10.2-inch iPad, iPad Air, or the iPad Pro. You could argue even as far as the iPad Mini too for those that want to use a smaller screen. However, Apple does not currently make a keyboard case for the iPad Mini, so customers would have to look into a third-party case for that iPad which may not be the best experience.

Next up, we have the actual apps and services people can use to write with on it like WordPress if they are writing on a WordPress-based blog, Ulysses, Bear and others.

Additionally, for Google Blogger users (blogspot blogs), there is the Blogg for Blogger app. Despite this, it currently only has an iPhone app, but that app can be still downloaded and used on an iPad.

When it comes to the overall management of the blog, the WordPress app (if it is a WordPress blog) does enable users to manage their web traffic, see stats, as well as monitor comments and block certain ones if necessary.

If you set it up to do so, WordPress blogs and other blogging platforms can be monitored and tracked from services like Google Analytics too.

I’d also like to point out that Safar Extensions like Grammarly are available to use on the iPad in iPadOS.

If you are someone who is just a beginning blogger, I would say (with an iPad) to use WordPress as your go-to for blogging because it has been the one that I have used the most and have it to work the best, as well as the fact there is more support for it across and web services.

Blogging entirely from an iPad is not a bad idea either. The only accessory you will need will be the Magic Keyboard (if using an iPad Air or iPad Pro) because that will be the best typing experience you will ever find on the iPad.  Also, it provides you a different type of portability and look that a laptop/MacBook would have a hard time competing against.

Would you ever blog entirely from an iPad? do you think blogging entirely from an iPad is a good idea or realistic today? Do you have plans on starting a blog and blogging just on an iPad? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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