Opinion: How the iPad Air 5th Generation made me a more productive writer

A purchase I have made this year that has changed my life has been the purchase of my iPad Air fifth generation that I bought as a belated birthday gift to myself.

Now that I have used it for almost three full months, I can say that without a doubt, it has changed the way that I write and create content.

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For the record, I had previously just been using a 2017 MacBook Pro, which is still a fantastic laptop, to get the content written. But after a while, it started feeling bulky and I started wanting something for traveling for short periods of time without having to bring a full-fledged laptop with me.

Thankfully, since it is 2022 and Apple is one of the most innovative companies in the land, there is a solution to all of this; the iPad Air fifth generation.

Apple released the new iPad later in the winter with its new M1 Silicon processor, making it just as useful as a laptop. In fact, it’s probably a lot better processor-wise than my Intel MacBook Pro. Yes, we live in a day and time where a tablet can be better than a computer.

With everything said so far, this iPad Air with the Magic Keyboard has made me a more productive writer.

During my first two months with the iPad, I can say I have written more for Appleosophy, as well as personal blogging and journaling. When I leave my home for something like a haircut appointment, going to the DMV, or even going over to my brother’s apartment to “hang out,” these things always come with me.

It is with them that I am able to write or edit an article while waiting for said appointments. On top of that, I can listen to my music from Apple Music or have a video from YouTube playing via Split View or in the background thanks to YouTube Premium.

When it comes to writing in a journal, I have found myself writing more in said journal than I ever did when primarily using my MacBook Pro for that type of work. Now I do most of it on my iPad Air because it is that simple, and quite honestly, fun to do.

Thanks to iCloud, most of the time, I can add my photos to journal entries straight from my iPad and into the entry without having to AirDrop them to my MacBook Pro and doing it manually that way, or going into the Day One Journal app from my iPhone 12 Mini and add them.

Most importantly, when it comes to writing articles here, I can bring my iPad to work with me (I do have a full-time job outside of Appleosophy) and write articles on my breaks when I’m available to do so.

It has become almost a daily ritual for me to write while on my break, whether it be an article here or a journal entry, while on my break. I simply love to write on my free time.

While the iPad Air is not perfect because nothing in this world is, it is an excellent device to write on with the Magic Keyboard. I can honestly say that I do not know how I have made it this far in my writing career without this thing. It functions the way a device like this should with the purpose of writing and blogging in mind.



David Becker
Author: David Becker

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