10 Reasons to Consider iPad as Your Primary Studying Tool

Appleosophy|10 Reasons to Consider iPad as Your Primary Studying Tool
Appleosophy|10 Reasons to Consider iPad as Your Primary Studying Tool
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The world is changing at an incredible speed. Previously, we used to buy a lot of textbooks, pencils, and other stationery before the beginning of the school year. Fortunately, today many of these tools can be replaced with a single gadget. 

Traditionally, a laptop was considered an indispensable assistant in a school, but its place is taken by the iPad more often. Are you surprised? Well, in this article, we analyze the reasons why you should choose it as your main device for studying.

However, before we start, let us warn you that the shopping may take some time. We suggest attending an offline store to ensure the iPad suits your expectations. Thus, to free up some space in your hectic routine, try outsourcing! Luckily, EssayPro offers students essay writing services so that your papers will always be handed in on time. Indeed, nothing is impossible without a reliable assistant.


Let’s agree, we spend a lot of time looking at screens for studying, work, or recreation. And of course, this can’t but affects our eyes in a negative way. Dryness is only the first problem, as then, the vision begins to worsen. To reduce eye tension, the developers endowed the iPad with True Tone technology. It automatically corrects the image to match the ambient light for a more comfortable experience.

The dark mode allows you to focus exclusively on lessons. Thus, the image becomes less contrasting, while the toolbar hides in the shadows. So, you will see only the necessary information.

As for leisure, the LED-backlit Retina display with IPS technology delivers high-quality color reproduction. The text of an e-document looks as clear as a printed one, and the images are truly realistic and juicy!


Are you tired of carrying heavy things too? Well, the iPad doesn’t just take care of your eyesight. It also reduces the strain on your back!

First, all educational materials can be stored on one device. The iPad takes significantly less space in a backpack than dozens of notebooks and books or a laptop. By the way, it has the same weight as the average book, which is about 500 grams.

Second, the charger is also small and light, so the whole set fits in a bag and is convenient to take with you. So, if you attend a lot of locations in a day, from college and the library to a coffee shop and your friend’s house, you can study where you feel most comfortable. 

For even greater productivity, why not buy an Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard? Then, making notes right on the tablet screen and typing on the keyboard will become faster.

Amazing Drawing Experience

Making notes, diagrams, and mind maps is a very important part of any learning process. To keep things clear, the following iPad feature will come in handy.

The gadget allows you to draw excellent straight lines and regular geometric shapes. This works with both the Apple Pencil and when drawing with your finger too. The feature appeared in iOS 14 and iPad 14 and worked on all supported gadgets.

When creating circles, triangles, and other geometric shapes, just hold your finger for a second at the very end of the drawing. The shape will be aligned automatically.

Battery and Portability

Productivity on the iPad also depends on the device’s power consumption. Of course, there are always outlets in classrooms or cafes to charge it. But the main point is that Apple tablets can survive a whole school day – up to 10 working hours.


When choosing a device, pay special attention to its “heart.” For example, iPad 10.2 received an Apple A12 Bionic processor. This surely affects how the tablet performs, as well as its speed and efficiency.

Therefore, you will be able to cope with any tasks! Make sketches, write down notes, and edit texts. Record lectures, take pictures, scan documents, and download books. And, of course, store gigabytes of information that you can take anywhere.


Another iPad’s advantage is the number of apps it has! You don’t need to download anything extra: Apple developers have made sure that the user has their own set of office applications. Plus, these programs will update automatically and free of charge. At the same time, you can download other apps too. Here are some that will definitely come in handy!

  • Notability is great for creating multimedia notes. You can use the iPad’s touch keyboard or buy the Apple Pencil for handwriting. Of course, you can also add pictures, scanned documents, GIFs, and even sounds to your notes;
  • Text notes with illustrations can be created in Pages, and for excellent tables, download Numbers;
  • The Keynote app is perhaps the best assistant for designing your ideas. It has an intuitive interface, so you can easily make slides with cool effects. Keynote is also helpful if you want to collaborate with your friends in real-time. You and your partner can work on the presentation, each from their own device;
  • As for productivity apps, go for Brain.fm, Trello, or Todoist;
  • Users who are fond of video shooting should get acquainted with iMovie;
  • PhotoMath will help you solve complex mathematical problems. 

Thus, the App Store has everything you need, no matter what your request is!

Using Multiple Apps Simultaneously

Almost all standard apps on the iPad can be launched in Split View mode. Then, the screen is divided into two parts, displaying both programs. Some applications allow you to open a second window on the screen. For example, there is such a feature in the Safari browser, the Mail or standard Notes.

To activate the second window of the program, just drag any content and release it near the screen’s side border. This can be done with any note, browser tab, or mail.

All in all, this function is super convenient if you need to read a book and make notes on its content. 

Connecting the Apple Pencil

By connecting to the Apple Pencil tablet, you can create your own notes and even paintings. This feature will certainly come in handy for design students and creative personalities in general. The stylus combines many tools to help improve your iPad experience. It can serve as a pen, pencil, marker, or brush, for instance. 

Appleosophy|10 Reasons to Consider iPad as Your Primary Studying Tool

Good Camera

The iPad has a built-in camera that supports 1080p HD video. Thanks to it, you can photograph not only notes but also some events or even a video report. Well, the FaceTime camera will help you communicate with friends and work on joint tasks, given how often we use Zoom now.

Appealing Design

In addition to functionality, the iPad looks really stylish. It’s simple and compact. What else can you ask for? The device is thin yet lasting, thanks to its aluminum body. In fact, it’s true for all Apple Products, even those coming in 2022. Steve Jobs was a fan of simplicity and focus, and the company always sticks to these principles. 

To Wrap It Up

Apple tablets were generally thought to be good for gaming, watching videos, or surfing the web. However, the iPad is a great gadget for students and can help in any educational process.

The device doesn’t need to be configured in a special way, you just need to learn the useful features! And it’s about them that we talked about in this article. Indeed, we hope that they will assist you in making the right decision regarding your future purchase.

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Appleosophy|10 Reasons to Consider iPad as Your Primary Studying Tool
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