Moment introduces new mount accessories for Apple AirTag

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Appleosophy | Moment introduces new mount accessories for Apple AirTag
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After several years of rumors and leaks, Apple finally released AirTag to the public during their “Spring Loaded” event on Tuesday. The Seattle-based iPhone camera accessory maker, Moment, has launched new AirTag accessories that allow you to mount the tracker to virtually any surface, including curved surfaces. Here’s everything you need to know.

Best known for their premium M-series line of photography and cinema lenses, MagSafe lens cases, and photography accessories, Moment has officially launched their new line of Moment AirTag accessories. Customers can choose between the Fabric mount, Hardshell Mount, and Curved Surface Mount.

The Stretch Fabric Mount is made from a premium bonded fabric, with a propriety adhesive back that allows you to adhere your AirTag to virtually any surface. “Whether it’s your purse, camera backpack, expensive jacket, tech bag, board bag, golf bag, you name it… we’ll help you track it. Hide your AirTags in places thieves won’t find them with the Stretch Fabric Mount,” says Moment.

The Hardshell Mount is made out of a rugged fiber shell, which looks visually similar to carbon fiber. Like the Fabric mount, the Hardshell mount features a strong adhesive that allows it to be placed on virtually any surface. “Premium gear is expensive, and now you can track it with our Hard Shell Mount for AirTags. Made from a rugged aramid fiber shell and backed with a super-strong adhesive, you can stick an AirTag to any flat surface. Whether it’s the inside of your camera case, hardshell luggage, car, bike, drone, or board — the lightweight and rugged casing will keep your AirTag hidden and secure. It’s even lined with shock-absorbing foam to prevent rattle and keep things tight. No more losing valuables, hide your AirTags where thieves won’t find them with the Hard Shell mount,” says Moment.

The Curved Surface Mount allows the AirTag to be mounted on curved surfaces such as kayaks, dashboards, and surfboards and protects against the elements. “Not all gear is flat, which is why we made the curved surface mount for AirTags. Built with a flexible silicone construction, it’s easy to conform to virtually any hard surface you want to stick an AirTag to. We’re looking forward to putting them on our drones, under our bike seats, inside our kayaks, music gear, snowblowers, surfboards, you get the picture. With a watertight shell and rugged adhesive, they’re ready to go wherever you are,” says Moment.

The Stretch Fabric Mount retails for $14.99 USD, the Hardshell Mount retails for $19.99 USD, and the Curved Mount retails for $14.99 USD. Customers can pre-order their mount and will ship by July 20th.

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