Redesigned 10th Generation iPad & M2 iPad Pro to Launch in October

Appleosophy | Redesigned 10th Generation iPad & M2 iPad Pro to Launch in October
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This week, a recent Korean blog post by a user named “yeux1122” stated that the upcoming redesigned 10th generation iPad and the M2 iPad Pro are slated to launch at an October Apple Event. We expect the standard iPad to bring many improvements such as the A14 chip, 5G, a larger display, and USB-C. We could see MagSafe charging on the upcoming iPad Pro. With the rumored M2 chip, the iPad Pro will take advantage of the new Stage Manager feature.

However, I don’t see Apple announcing both of those iPads in October. Since 2019, Apple has always introduced the next-generation low-cost iPad along with the new iPhones. This means that the standard iPad gets the same yearly updates as the iPhone does. This makes sense for both Apple and the customers because September has always been a huge month for new products.

With students going back to school, there’s no better time for Apple to introduce the new iPad than next month. Additionally, since both the iPad and iPhone are Apple’s most popular products, introducing hardware updates to both of the company’s most popular products next month will allow customers to buy them as they head into the holiday season. Therefore, incoming sales will lead to bigger profits.

A new report from DigiTimes also indicates that this low-cost iPad is currently in production, and the company plans to launch it in September. So here’s what I think will happen, Apple will introduce both the standard iPad and iPad Pro next month at a special event just as the company did last September with the iPad 9 and iPad mini 6. The iPad 10 will go on sale shortly after, but the M2 iPad Pro will launch later in October. That would be perfect timing for Apple to possibly introduce more M2-based Mac and release macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16.

What do you think about Apple’s plan to introduce both iPad models? Let us know in the comments, and follow us on Twitter, so you’ll get the latest news when they come out.

Nick Soong
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