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Appleosophy | Apple introduced the Apple Pencil Pro
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Just a day before Apple’s “Let Loose” event, there were references to an “Apple Pencil Pro” on Apple’s homepage in Japan. It’s now official as Apple introduced its most advanced drawing tool for the iPad the company has ever made – the Apple Pencil Pro.

Apple Pencil Pro takes everything users love with Apple Pencil and brings creativity to a whole new level. Based on the design of the Apple Pencil (2nd generation), Apple Pencil Pro offers even more advanced features to allow users to express their ideas while being more productive.

First, users can squeeze Apple Pencil Pro to summon a tool palette to quickly switch tools, line weights, and colors without having to ever lift it. Second, users can mimic rolling-shaped pen and brush tools thanks to the built-in gyroscope in Apple Pencil Pro. Also built into the Apple Pencil Pro is a custom-engineered haptic engine, which provides haptic feedback when users either squeeze or double-tap. Have you worried about losing your Pencil? Thankfully, with built-in Find My support, you can easily find it using the Find My app, misplacing that tool can be a thing of the past.

Apple Pencil Pro offers the same features that users love, including Apple Pencil Hover, double-tap, and magnetic attachment with automatic pairing/charging.

Apple Pencil Pro works with not only the iPad Pro (M4) but also the iPad Air (M2), so users will enjoy the same Apple Pencil Pro experience without having to step up to the Pro models. Even better Apple Pencil Pro is available for $129 (U.S.) or $119 (U.S.) in Education, which is the same price as the Apple Pencil (2nd generation) that Apple still sells for its older iPad Air and iPad Pro models. You can order the Apple Pencil Pro today, and it’ll be available May 15.

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