AppleCare+ Now Includes Unlimited Repairs for Accidental Damage Protection

Apple today unveiled that AppleCare+ now comes with unlimited repairs for accidental damage.

“Both AppleCare+ options provide repair or replacement hardware service for your iPhone. Depending on the plan you choose, you’ll get unlimited incidents of accidental damage protection and up to two incidents of theft or loss coverage every 12 months.3 Each incident is subject to a service fee or deductible.”

Before, Apple only allowed two repairs within the plan, making this a big change for users who have AppleCare+ on an Apple device. This change is for all Apple products that have AppleCare+ including iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple TV, AirPods, HomePod, and more.

What do you think of this new change? Comment down below!


Holden Satterwhite
Author: Holden Satterwhite

Founder of Appleosophy and Redfruit Media. Twitter: @hesatter

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