State ID and driver’s license in Wallet app now available in Colorado

Colorado is the next state in the U.S. to add the ability for citizens to add their state ID/driver’s license to the Wallet app.

What this enables is now the user has the ability to use their iPhone or Apple Watch as their state ID or driver’s license instead of using a physical card. Additionally, it can be used at TSA checkpoints in select airports.

However, the Colorado Department of Revenue has said that users will still have to carry their physical card with them, as the card is meant to be a companion to the digital card in the Wallet app.

Along with Colorado, Maryland and Arizona currently have support for adding state IDs and driver’s licenses to the Wallet app. Other states like Iowa, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Georgia, and a few others have been said to get the feature eventually.

This feature currently works on all iPhones on iOS 15 or newer.

Below are some videos that can show users exactly how to add their state ID or driver’s license to the Wallet app.



David Becker
Author: David Becker

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