Where to listen to Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving music on Apple Music in 2022

The big day is coming for many Americans when it comes to Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving 2022.

With Halloween, people can always listen to music that talks about the spooks and scary creatures out there, or just music one might hear in a haunted house. The Christmas season is much easier since there are hundreds, upon thousands of songs and albums that have been recorded for decades to highlight that time of the year.

However, Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving do not have that same aspect to it.

The good news is you’re in the right spot when it comes to figuring out what you could play in your home while eating your best feast of the year.

Here are the following options you can use in Apple Music:

  • Thanksgiving Dinner: This is a playlist in Apple Music that has songs for people of all ages to enjoy. It truly is the playlist to bring everyone together. You’ll get some oldies, classic, and newer songs too.


  • Thanksgiving: The Gravy Train: For the jazz fans out there, this playlist by SFJAZZ could be just the one to spruce up your Thanksgiving dinner, and keep it classy.


  • Thanksgiving by Laurie McDuffie: Believe it or not, like Spotify, Apple Music users can create and share playlists with other users. This is no different with McDuffie’s playlist which contains songs that encapsulate being thankful and the fall season. Those aspects are quite important on a day like Thanksgiving. The playlist can be found here.


  • Dinner Party Essentials: Friendsgiving people, this one could be for you. However, if it were used for a Thanksgiving dinner, that would be great as well. It’s more so mellow music to play in the background, which suits an activity like this perfectly.

Apple Music currently costs $10.99 a month and is available through the Music app.

What type of music or playlist do you plan to use during your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinner this year? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

Feature image provided by Appleosophy’s Thomas Jensen

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