Universities that have made the greatest contribution to the development of technology

Appleosophy|Universities that have made the greatest contribution to the development of technology
Appleosophy|Universities that have made the greatest contribution to the development of technology
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Along with the rapid development of engineering and technology, the demand for qualified specialists is also growing. According to preliminary estimates by experts, in the coming years, the speed of development of the industry will lead to the creation of more than 10 million new jobs on the world market. Thus, every student strives to choose the best institute to study the latest technologies. This article presents a selection of the best science and engineering colleges.


The USA is the undisputed leader in engineering and technical education. Universities have a material and technical base and strong teaching staff. Local universities are famous for their internship programs for graduates. Everyone can get higher education in the Technologies specialties in every educational institution.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT became the first technology-oriented institute in the QS World University Rankings. It is very well-known in information technology. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology received the highest score for academic reputation.

Pepperdine university

It is an independent institute. It educates about 8,300 students based on five colleges and schools. In 1972, the university opened a new campus in Malibu. It is located in the foothills of Santa Monica. The Malibu campus is less than an hour from downtown Los Angeles. This campus is home to the following:

  • Seaver College;
  • the School of Law;
  • the Graduate School of Education and Psychology;
  • the Graziadio School of Business and Management;
  • the School of Public Policy. 

Students often write essays here. But they are pretty unique with specific rules. Writing an essay for applicants will not be a problem. Anyone can research and find pepperdine supplemental essays before admission and be prepared. The university offers students different programs covering various subject areas and specializations.

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon maintains an exceptionally high reputation in computer science. In addition, this academy prepares students exceptionally well for future professional activities. Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science topped the list of American colleges with the highest-paid graduates. It was prepared by the company “NerdWallet” in early 2013.

Harvard University

Harvard University is the strongest in terms of reputation among employers. Indeed, if the ranking of IT universities were based solely on the opinions of employers, Harvard would be third behind Cambridge and Oxford.

University of California at Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley – is one of the most famous educational institutions in the world. It is renowned for training specialists in the field of:

  • IT;
  • physics;
  • chemistry;
  • biology;
  • economics.

Great Britain

Great Britain offers absolutely any program, from computer science to artificial intelligence. A distinctive feature of education in this country is:

  • the universities’ robust scientific;
  • technical base;
  • the opportunity to practice and learn from professionals of the highest level.

Oxford University

Oxford has an excellent reputation amid employers. It is home to some of the most talented students and true experts in their fields. Studying at Oxford is a unique opportunity to feel part of the world’s scientific elite. You can feel the process of participating in large-scale research and creating your research projects there.

University of Cambridge

Cambridge is slowly catching up with Oxford in the IT study rankings. It has the highest reputation among employers. But it still lags behind Oxford. It happened because of slightly lower academic survey scores and research citations.


Singapore is a real hub of the latest technologies. Recently, the government has made a considerable effort to attract investment in this sector. It made Singapore a leading Asian country for engineering education. The training here is practical, with a focus on the international industry.

National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore is the oldest and largest public institution in Singapore. It has many students and study programs offered by the academy. The National University of Singapore is ranked among the world’s best universities. Annually, the National University of Singapore welcomes up to 26,000 students from all over the world. Representatives of different:

  • nationalities;
  • cultures;
  • religions – come here for high-quality education.

It meets world standards and a diploma quoted around the world. It allows graduates to be successfully employed in companies of any country.


Australia will be an excellent option for students who want to get into the developed startup ecosystem and participate actively. So, for example, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) is an excellent option because it is amid the top 100 best in the field of engineering. It is located in the state of Victoria, which is one of the most technological and the leader in the speed of development in the country.

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

It is one of the top colleges for science, graduates of which work in companies in 130 countries around the world. RMIT is renowned for developments in engineering, aeronautics, the environment, the electronics industry, and applied scientific research.


Thus, students interested in studying technology can easily choose one of the best universities in this direction. The main thing is to research education programs to select the ideal institute for yourself. Studying in one of these higher education institutions guarantees a successful future.

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Appleosophy|Universities that have made the greatest contribution to the development of technology
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