Here are 5 things to expect for WWDC 2023 (with one bonus)

Appleosophy | Here are 5 things to expect for WWDC 2023 (with one bonus)

It’s no secret now that tomorrow is the day of the WWDC 2023 keynote that will take place at 10 a.m. PST on Monday, June 5.

Even though Apple is pretty secretive on what is being announced and what the company is working on, thanks to the internet, we do have some ideas on what we can expect to be presented during the event.

Here are five things we could hear announced during the 2023 WWDC keynote:

  • An announcement of all Kroger and Kroger-owned stores accepting Apple Pay: This might sound like a bit of a stretch, but with recent information sent from Kroger to store and Kroger-owned stores to employees that states that all of its stores company-wide will be accepting Apple Pay and other forms of contactless payment starting Monday, June 5. Could just be a coincidence, but that’s quite the date to begin that support.


  • Journaling app: It has been rumored for quite some time that Apple has been working on its own journaling app for the newest version of iOS (and perhaps iPadOS too). Journaling has been a known way for people to improve their mental health which is quite important in today’s society.


  • VR headset: One of the biggest rumors surrounding this event has been Apple getting into the virtual reality headset game and this WWDC keynote is expected to be the one where Apple finally unveils its new product to the world.


  • A new Mac Studio: Another more recent rumor is Apple intends on announcing a new version of the Mac Studio. The first version of the Mac Studio was released in March 2022. It is additionally expected to have an Apple M2 processor.


  • 15-inch MacBook Air: There have been stories over the past few days that Apple could be unveilizing a new size for its MacBook Air line, which could be a 15-inch MacBook Air. It would be the first time ever that Apple has increased the screen size that high on a MacBook Air.


  • Bonus – Live Activities on iPadOS: With the way how the iPad has changed over the past few years and Apple almost turning it into a full-blown laptop computer with accessories like the Magic Keyboard case, it would not be too much of a surprise if Apple unveiled bringing Live Activities to the iPad. It could make for a great way for users to track things like an Uber or UberEats delivery or the score of their favorite MLB team during one of its games in the MLB app.

For those looking to watch the event live, be sure to read our article on how to stream the keynote this year.

What are you expecting or wanting to see from Apple at its WWDC 2023 keynote? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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