Apple introduces Apple Vision Pro

Appleosophy | Apple introduces Apple Vision Pro
Image: Apple

Today, Apple introduced their Apple Reality AR/VR Headset, the device is a new category for the company as they called it the first Spatial computer. The device introduces a new three-dimensional interface controlled by users’ hand gestures, eyes, and voice thanks to the new operating system visionOS.

The device features two ultra-high resolution screens with 23 million pixels in each display or lens, and a custom R1 Apple Silicon along with the M2 Chip in a unique dual-chip design.

The new experiences that are coming to the device were never possible on any other device, according to Apple.

Apps at work and home:

visionOS features a new way to interact with apps, now having a large canvas to see things bigger, move and accommodate in a completely three dimension canvas, supports Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad to use the apps in an easy way.


With the ultra-high resolution displays on the Apple Vision Pro, you can watch movies, live sports, TV shows, and games with a 100 feet-wide and advanced Spatial Audio system that recreates the best experience of a theater. The games can be played from Apple Arcade and about a hundred games will be available at launch with support for popular game controllers.


With the three-dimensional cameras that are on the headset, you can capture, relive, and immerse yourself in favorite memories with Spatial Audio.

Spatial FaceTime:

Now Facetime calls can take advantage of the room around the user which will help them can see people in real-life titles. Users wearing the device can have a digital representation of their persona with the advantage of the neural engine.


It was built to support low latency for spatial computing so that users can explore, and browse through the hands gestures, eyes, and voice. The device can be unlocked with Optic ID. Also, another way to stay present in the moment and with the people who surround us is EyeSight, which in front of the Vision Pro features an OLED screen that mirrors your eyes and real movements.

Image: Apple Newsroom


The Apple Vision Pro features high-quality materials to keep the user comfortable. The front glass flows into the custom aluminum alloy frame that is light, with an external battery pack to keep the device light. The light seal has many options with shapes and sizes to adapt to the user’s face and have a perfect fit. The Head Band is available in many sizes and is made of a three-dimensional knitted material to keep comfort and breathability.

Appleosophy | Apple introduces Apple Vision Pro


Optical Lenses:

Users with vision correction needs will use ZEISS Optical Inserts to guarantee high fidelity for the user.

Privacy and Security

Apple has vowed that security is a key aspect of the Apple Vision Pro, being built from the ground up with security and privacy in mind. The Vision Pro features a new authentication system called Optic ID which analyzes the user’s iris under various LED exposures and then compares it to the enrolled Optic ID data, completely within the Secure Enclave. The data never leaves the headset and is fully encrypted. Where a user looks will stay private while navigating apps and websites, and the data cannot be tracked by developers. It is only when a user makes a selection or prompt that the data is sent to the website, just like it would on a Mac or iPad. EyeSight will also notify spectators to know if the user is able to see them or not.

Battery Life:

The device contains a battery pack that gives up to 2 hours of battery life and when plugged in, the device is for all-day use.

The device is going to be available to US customers early next year, starting at $3,499. It will be coming to more countries later next year.

You can watch here the official ad here:


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