2 Alternative Ways to Use iMessage on Windows 11 in the Workplace

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Appleosophy | 2 Alternative Ways to Use iMessage on Windows 11 in the Workplace
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Apple device users are no strangers to iMessage and love using it to send standard SMS messages, photos, videos, GIFs, and group chats. It’s fantastic as a business communication tool as long as you use an iOS device. So, where does that leave Android and non-Mac users in the workplace? Are the blue bubbles only accessible to people who use Apple devices?

Since the introduction of Apple’s unique messaging service in 2011, accessibility for non-iPhone users has improved dramatically in recent times. There are apps for accessing iMessage on your Android devices, but how about getting messages, photos, GIFs, videos, and group chats similar to iMessage on your Windows 11?

Microsoft and app developers have introduced downloadable applications that let you use iMessage features on Windows 11 as part of your workplace communications toolkit. Keep reading as we talk about the two alternative ways of accessing iMessage features on your PC. 

2 Alternative Ways to Use iMessage on Windows 11 

Using iMessage in the workplace lets you communicate with co-workers and customers instantly. Of course, you and the recipient need to be using Apple devices to get all the benefits of iMessage features. However, Windows 11 users can access instant messaging services using various applications. Let’s take a look at them.

Microsoft has been working closely with Apple to update their Phone Link app for Windows 11 users. With iOS support, Microsoft’s application now makes it possible for iPhone users to use Apple’s popular messaging service on PCs. 

The Phone Link app allows Apple devices to connect to Windows 11 on a PC and lets users:

  • Send and receive messages from iMessage
  • Receive and make calls via iMessage
  • See phone app notifications on the PC

You can link your iPhone to the computer with Bluetooth, and the app is available in 85 countries worldwide, making iMessage on Windows 11 more accessible.  The updated Phone Link app should automatically appear on your Windows 11. But, if it’s not there, make sure you have the latest updates by checking in with the Microsoft Store app on your PC. 

However, the Phone Link app doesn’t allow you to participate in iMessage group chats nor see a full chat history. Plus, you can’t send or receive photos or GIFs through your Windows 11. With these limitations, business owners need to reconsider how important it is to integrate iMessage into their communications toolkit. 

If it’s still a must-have, you need to explore options made available by app developers besides Microsoft.

2. iMessage for PC: The Spike Alternative

Businesses can benefit from instant messaging services using Spike’s iMessage for PC solution. You don’t have to wait for Apple to support Windows 11 when you want to integrate iMessage as part of your communication strategy in the workplace. With Spike’s email app, you can enjoy iMessage features even if you don’t have an iOS device. 

Spike has built a system that allows Windows 11 users to get all the benefits of iMessage, including group chats and one-on-one messaging. Businesses aren’t limited to one computer, either. With Microsoft Intune (the Microsoft version of Spike), you can manage iMessage on a group of PCs throughout the workplace. 

The Spike for PC alternative works on all devices, including Android and the web; it’s way quicker than email and simple to use. All you have to do is download the app to your PC, sign in with your email address, and start chatting. 

iMessage to PC Alternatives: Which One is Better?

Deciding between the two iMessage to PC alternatives depends on what you want to get from the app. Use our recap below to help you make a well-informed decision for your workplace’s communication needs. 

  • You can send and receive calls and messages, but group chats aren’t supported.
  • Only real-time conversations are displayed, and you can’t access chat history. 
  • Windows 11 users can see phone notifications from their PCs.
  • The app is automatically updated with your Windows 11, or you can get it from the Microsoft Store.
  • You need an iPhone to connect iMessage to your PC through Bluetooth. 
  • The app doesn’t allow you to send photos or GIFs.

Recap of Spike iMessage to PC Alternative

  • Lets you send and receive calls and messages and offers easy GIF support.
  • Allows group chats as well as 1:1 messaging.
  • You can view a full chat history at any time.
  • The easily downloadable app works across all devices, including iPhones and Androids.
  • It’s faster than traditional email.
  • Available through Microsoft Intune for better user management across multiple devices. 

Final Thoughts

With its popular instant messaging service, non-Apple users can’t help but want a piece of the pie! Accessing the iMessage features on your Windows 11 is doable when you use Microsoft’s Phone Link app – however, you don’t get the whole package. 

Using Spike’s iMessage to PC alternative offers you a range of instant messaging solutions most workplaces would benefit from. What counts is that you don’t need an iOS device to benefit from similar features shared through iMessage.Instead, you get a communication tool that you can rely on for an efficient workplace. 

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