Bloomberg: Apple testing Generative AI competitor for ChatGPT

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Appleosophy | Bloomberg: Apple testing Generative AI competitor for ChatGPT
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As reported by Bloomberg, Apple has been working on a new Artificial Intelligence competitor for ChatGPT. The new generative AI chatbot has been codenamed “Ajax” and is being developed by a team of engineers known as “Apple GPT”.

It is said that multiple teams inside Apple are working on this project. The central focus of this new project is to solve some privacy issues that their competitors haven’t addressed.

Siri has recently been lagging behind its competitor Alexa in terms of features. In response to this, Apple is now stepping up its game and entering an AI race to keep iPhone sales.

The “Ajax” framework was created last year. Additionally, they developed a chat that can be used as ChatGPT, but only for internal use. The main purpose of Ajax was to unify machine learning development in the company.

During the WWDC23 Keynote, Tim Cook didn’t mention anything about AI. However, he mentioned it in an interview on June 6 of this year. In another interview with Good Morning America, when asked about the ChatGPT app, he responded, “Of course, I use it. Yeah, I’m excited about it. I think there are some unique applications for it, and you can bet that it’s something we’re looking at closely here.”

You can watch the video here.


According to the report, “The company has already deployed AI-related improvements to search, Siri and maps based on that system. And Ajax is now being used to create large language models and serve as the foundation for the internal ChatGPT-style tool, the people said.”

As a result, Apple has already made some improvements to Siri, Search, and Maps and has created a tool similar to ChatGPT. Apple employees have stated that the technology doesn’t add anything that their competitors can’t do.

Apple has been hiring more specialists in language models and generative AI as the company can use AI for their self-driving vehicle and an Apple Watch app that personalizes health plans coded as “Quartz”.

However, as of now, the output from Apple GPT cannot be used to generate new features for consumers. According to Mark Gurman, “Still, the system requires special approval for access. There’s also a significant caveat: Any output from it can’t be used to develop features bound for customers. Even so, Apple employees are using it to assist with product prototyping. It also summarizes text and answers questions based on data it has been trained with.” The report adds, “While the company doesn’t yet have a concrete plan, people familiar with the work believe Apple is aiming to make a significant AI-related announcement next year.”

The new AI features and technology are not ready to launch yet but they could be announced in 2024.

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