Unlocking the Uncommon: Exploring Language Learning Apps for Less-Known Languages

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Appleosophy | Unlocking the Uncommon: Exploring Language Learning Apps for Less-Known Languages
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Language learning apps have become one of the most used resources for many who want to adopt and learn a new language. They have become the go-to so much of the world as they offer convenience as they can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet.

There are a variety of different language learning apps that have been made available, with many of them using various techniques in order to encourage successful learning. Most will use gamification methods, as it will allow learners to engage with it in a way which can be fun and interactive.

However, there can sometimes be some downsides to these apps, as they may not always cater to everybody who wants to learn. For instance, there are many apps that are now available that only focus on the languages that are widely spoken around the world. Individuals who wish to learn Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and English for foreign speakers do not typically have any issues as these dialects are spoken widely.

But, those who wish to learn lesser-known languages that are not as widely spoken or are not often learned in certain communities can often find that they may struggle to find a platform that helps them. While many can still utilize online classes with native tutors if they want to learn Polish, they may not find that they have the convenience of being able to learn while on the move through an app like someone learning Spanish may have.

There can often be questions about why someone would want to learn a “lesser-known” language, although there are usually some very good justifications regarding the reasons why. Those who are skilled and can communicate effectively in the dialect can often be considered to be more appealing to certain industries and employers. This means they can enhance any career opportunities further, too. Some, though, may want to learn a “lesser-known” language because they might be travelling to a new destination that uses it as their primary form of communication, or perhaps they simply want to broaden their horizons and improve their own skills.

Popular Language Learning Apps vs. “Under the Radar” Ones

As highlighted, it can be difficult to find an app for a “lesser-known” language, although it is not impossible to do. While there are many that have been created and developed by established learning programs and organisations from around the world, there are many apps that are just as effective that have been produced by smaller companies. These can often be considered “under the radar” as they may get lost when looking at the App Store or the Google Play Store. They can sometimes be better than the mainstream ones, too. They may be developed by native speakers who can teach certain vernacular that the established apps may not offer, such as slang phrases.

Naturally, there may not always be certain features or learning techniques made available. However, this is not something that rings true of every app that may be “under the radar”. In fact, some may offer even more than their established comparison. They may offer features that are better designed, which may enhance the overall learning experience even further!

Final Thoughts

While it might be a little more difficult to find an app that can provide opportunities to learn a “lesser-known” language, there are options available. Many of these can provide students with an immersive and interactive experience when used, as they can often be localised by native speakers, which can then enhance the learning that is enjoyed. Regardless of the reason why a “lesser-known” language is desired to be learned, it can be extremely worthwhile to find an app that is not commonly used or as widely known, as it may unlock further opportunities that mainstream apps do not.

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