Apple has launched Apple Pay Later to the public

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Appleosophy | Apple has launched Apple Pay Later to the public

An unexpected move by Apple was made today with the company launching its Apple Pay Later feature.

Apple Pay Later is a simple “make your purchase now and pay for it later” feature that allows users to make interest-free payments for up to six weeks. These purchases can cost between $75-$1,000 and be done on devices like the iPhone and iPad, and can be used on apps and websites that accept Apple Pay.

Those that had early access to Apple Pay Later had to only make a purchase of $50 or more but that has since been changed to a starting price of $75.

Apple originally announced the Apple Pay Later feature in 2022.

Having a feature like this can help those who don’t have a credit card like Apple Card, so it can benefit those who do not have that card or another credit card, just by using Apple Pay Later, they can still use their debit card but don’t have to pay for their purchase all at once.

It also comes at a time right before the traditional holiday season starts this year, so it is coming at a good time.

Apple Pay Later does work as its own loan which will require a separate application to use Apple Pay Later to apply for but it will not impact your credit score.

With that said, Apple Pay Later is not available in Hawaii, New Mexico, Wisconsin, and U.S. Territories.

Apple Pay Later is available through the Wallet app on the iPhone and Settings app in the Wallet & Apple Pay on the iPad.

What are your thoughts on Apple launching Apple Pay Later to the public? Comment below or let us know on X at @appleosophy.

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