Opinion: My Top 5 Favorite AppleTV Apps

Appleosophy|Opinion: My Top 5 Favorite AppleTV Apps

Although I do not own the newest Apple TV 4th Generation, I still do own the Apple TV 3rd Generation, which given its simple and revolutionary interface, it’s still a good product to own. With that said, here are my favorite and most-used apps on the Apple TV.Netflix: I believe that practically anyone that has an Apple TV, has Netflix, it basically goes without saying at this point. One of the reasons why it is my favorite app is the slick user-interface and the quality that the app provides. When I use the Netflix app on my PS3, there can be a change in quality based on your internet speed. With the Netflix app on the Apple TV, it’s either you have great quality or you don’t, there is not in-between. Sadly, the new Apple TV has the stock Netflix app and is nothing like the Apple TV 3rd Generation version.

YouTube: Being able to watch YouTube on the big screen is nothing new, but once again, I like the design of the app and how it works, especially when it comes to managing your subscriptions. Although the video quality is not the same as Netflix, it’s still pretty good for a free app!

ABC (formerly known as WatchABC): Lately, I have been watching the TV series Sports Night on it, as well as some older Modern Family episodes. The video quality is great, but I will say that accessing TV shows is a bit of a hassle given the many options of categories and genres to choose from. Another thing I have noticed is that some of the commercials don’t work or sound right, but as a TV viewer that dislikes most commercials, I can live with this.

Apple Events: Although the app is not on there most of the year, it still goes down as one of my favorite apps. I like the idea of watching old Apple keynotes on the big screen. Yes, they are available on YouTube through Apple’s channel and I could easily AirPlay them, but where’s the fun in having an app that can do that directly from the Apple TV menu?

Radio: Despite it not being on the Apple TV 4G’s app store, this is still a great app and useful. I believe the only reason it is not available for the Apple TV 4G is that Apple wants to promote Apple Music and people don’t want to radio stations with ads. I use it for a specific station that plays TV/film score music. It’s not the most popular music to listen to and I could still do the same on Apple Music or Spotify, but I like a variety and not knowing what I’ll hear next. Plus what are the chances nowadays of finding a station that plays good classical music?
It is truly a first world problem for an Apple guy like myself to not have the newest Apple TV, but I have college to pay for, so perhaps I’ll get one cheap on Black Friday or have to wait until this Christmas to get one. When the time does comes (if I get one), expect a review of it here on FutureAppleCEO!

Appleosophy|Opinion: My Top 5 Favorite AppleTV Apps
Author: Austin Dean

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Appleosophy|Opinion: My Top 5 Favorite AppleTV Apps
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