Mini Review: Steve Jobs Watch

Appleosophy|Mini Review: Steve Jobs Watch

I acquired this watch over a week ago from a third-party seller on Amazon. Although there were some issues with the payment (not on my end, but the seller’s), I will be doing a review of this here because I cannot do an honest review on Amazon, given the circumstance of what happened when purchasing through the seller. However, I will say that this will be shorter than other reviews because this is only an analog watch, not a smartwatch.
The design of this watch gives it a luxurious vibe. Not only is it shiny and reflective, but it’s definitely not something one would find at a Walmart or Dollar General. It is quite refulgent and I love that when I press me ear down on the glass, you can hear the ticking sound. Obviously you can do that on most watches, but it’s one of those things where hearing that sound truly never gets old.
As for functionality, it does what a watch should do; tell the current time. Even though I do miss seeing which day it is or would love to see the temperature outside, at the end of the day, it does what it is supposed to do. And that right there is the Apple way; have something work the way it’s supposed to without complications.
One of the flaws that I have found with this product is that the lines between the 1, 2, 3, etc are not bold enough, therefore hard to see. A second issue I have found is what to call this product? Currently, I have been calling it (on Twitter) my “Steve Jobs Watch” because both Apple Watch and iWatch are taken. If you have any suggestions on what I should call it, please comment down below!
Overall, this is a pretty great watch given the $10 price tag. I have to say that it is a generous price, due to the fact that the watch face is one that you will not see often. It gets a 3.5/4 rating on my end for it’s great design, luxurious look, and amazing price.
BUT here is the thing. You see, normally when products have good ratings on my reviews, I tend to recommend them, but for this one, I am not going to. Since I had such trouble getting it ordered and eventually getting my debit card hacked at the same time, the last thing I am going to do is put other readers and users at risk of losing their money. I will not say the exact number of how much money the seller tried to take from me, but I will say that it was over $1K. Along with providing a good product, you have to provide good customer service and the seller from Amazon did not do that in my experience.
This is a great watch for someone who wants something nice, retro, yet modern at the same time. Not many companies can pull that off, especially to a young demographic such as myself. As for buying this watch, save yourself the money, time, and stress, and purchase from a different seller or store.

Appleosophy|Mini Review: Steve Jobs Watch
Author: Austin Dean

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Appleosophy|Mini Review: Steve Jobs Watch
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