Apple releases iOS 10.3 Beta 3 to Developers

IOS 10.3 Beta 3 was just released today by Apple, and it supports devices that include iPhones and iPads. 

What was included on the previous Beta (IOS 10.3 Beta 2)?

  • Nightly Backups would not longer fail with the error message “Some files were unavailable during the last backup”.
  • In Xcode Simulator, the legacy iCloud button in Settings has been removed. iCloud settings are now available within the new Apple ID settings pane.

What’s new with this Beta?

  • Find my Phone now supports Location and Play Sound for AirPods.
  • Another for users, is one can not login into “Cloud Analytics” without actually being signed in.
  • Fixed Lighting Video Adapters.
  • Users cannot longer override the current iCloud Document Sync setting on their own managed devices.
  • For IOS Developers using Xcode:
    • There should be no crash when scrolling on the Today View.
    • Also, the beta allows developers to attempt to enable iCloud Drive app before the user is signed into iCloud should no longer cause Settings to crash.
  • Safari now supports media query, which allows developer to provide alternate page styles for users who are sensitive to large areas of motion.
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Before this one, there were two other betas.

For more Information if you are a developer, check out the IOS 10.3 Beta 3 Release Notes on


Apple released 10.3. Here is the link to the article:

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