[Poll] Is the future… wireless? Have your say

Appleosophy|[Poll] Is the future... wireless? Have your say

Appleosophy|[Poll] Is the future... wireless? Have your say

Apple removed the headphone jack with the introduction of the iPhone 7 (and 7 Plus) but people came out in their thousands, showing their disgust on a change that many love so much. A wireless future is being proposed by Apple to have buyers purchase the AirPods or Beats Wireless headphones as an act to cut the wires [pun intended] and enter a new age of technology powered solely by Bluetooth 5.0 and batteries. Wireless headphones are far from cheap and can cost upwards of $100 easily, which is known by the public as Apple is renowned for its unique pricing. But do they hide any ‘magical life changing features that’ll make you say “woah, this is insane”‘?

‘Unofficial’ Testing

Well, here at Appleosophy, we’re no Quality Assurance experts but from purchasing Beats Solo 3’s and AirPods, the only noticeable change from the tacky, out-dated EarPods was bass. And lots of it. From our own tests, without Bass Filters from the EQ Presets on an iPhone, we found that both these headphones had enough power to practically turn into a speaker. As for the wired ones, we found that to even get a clear, crisp sound coming form the Pods in a public environment, like a park; we had to turn it up a considerable amount and also change the EQ of the sound output.

Appleosophy|[Poll] Is the future... wireless? Have your say


While the EarPods are considered the ‘O.G.’ [Original Gangster] and the base for most headphones, they still widely used across the world; despite there being better on the market. And while not everyone is looking for Studio Quality Headphones, AirPods and the Solo 3 ripped the EarPods when it came to usability. With Apple’s purchase of the Beats brand, the seamless connection through Apple’s W1 Chip now makes joining a pleasure. Not having to detangle wires or find where you left your dongle makes everything so much easier. The compact technology in the AirPods, makes listening to music in class a breeze and only having to open the case to connect them to your iPhone or iPad conveys the message on how easy it is to do things without wires.

A credit to ‘jack’

Despite the removal of the headphone jack, and many still wanting it back, Apple still has the decency to include a Lighting adapter so you can still listen to your jams from AUX. But, while wireless is now seen as the way to go, in terms of prices; the dongle and jacked EarPods aren’t that much of a problem as they are mere to the AirPods and Beats Solo 3. The combined price of both these items is $38, ‘whereas as if by magic’, your wallet will be lighter after spending $159 on AirPods.

The decision is up to what your budget is or; what you’re wanting from your daily-use headphones. Join our 24 hr debate on our Instagram to give us your feedback on what you use and DM us why you chose your answer!

Appleosophy|[Poll] Is the future... wireless? Have your say
Author: Chris Grainger

Chris is a tech enthusiast always looking for new products and services to try out and share with his awesome community of Apple fellows on Appleosophy!

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Appleosophy|[Poll] Is the future... wireless? Have your say
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Appleosophy|[Poll] Is the future... wireless? Have your say

Great article! In your opinion, how does the audio quality of the
AirPods compare with the LGs you used in the past? I have the LG Tone HBS-760s that sound pretty
good for a bluetooth headset. Trying to decide if the AirPods are a worthwhile upgrade.

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