“Hey Siri, when’s the iPod’s funeral?”

Appleosophy|"Hey Siri, when


Apple piloted off of their idea for the iPod; a revolutionary music playing device that later would receive video and radio features and then further go on to have three divisions to the name. The iPod as every other tech aficionado thinks, is somewhat dead and has been pleading for an upgrade from Apple. Earlier in 2017, Apple responded to this by discontinuing the manufacturing of the iPod Nano and Shuffle, only leaving the iPod Touch left.


The Open Casket Viewing

As mentioned before, two of the original variants of the iPod were discontinued in 2017, leaving just one of the three musketeers left. And while iPods are still widely available; either on 3rd party sites or even through the few that Apple still have in stock, the value of one of these devices isn’t expected to go up due to the widespread supply of them and how they are considered a modern-day fail on Apple’s part. But one essential question is raised; what importance does the iPod have in 2018?


Funeral Motorcade


The iPod, an inbetween-er to the iPhone and iPad. The 2nd child of 3 children. It is a good starting point for most children; whose parents aren’t ready to get them an iPhone or splash on an iPad (that’s three times the size of their head). Another reason that the trio still has relevance, it that with the Nano and Shuffle, they are indeed excellent for sportsmen/women as a little music library that they can carry around where ever they need it. It’s also light in terms of features and can be used abroad with ease without any charges or bills.

Prayers and Condolences

Anything that could be added to the iPod, would mean that it would become a non-cellular iPhone model, having features such as waterproofing, stereo speakers or the such. Any feature, would either come from the iPhone or iPad; as this is Apple’s main focus now and that it isn’t clear as to what they’re going to do with the iPod lineup. Overall, Apple have got themselves in a situation that makes the iPod the forgotten child of Apple’s history.

Final Send Off

If you still use or own an iPod, DM us on our Instagram or Snapchat, as we’d love to hear from you about what you use it for in 2018! Also be sure to check out our ‘Quick Questions’ that happen weekly for 24 hours on our Instagram story!

Author: Chris Grainger

Chris is a tech enthusiast always looking for new products and services to try out and share with his awesome community of Apple fellows on Appleosophy!

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Appleosophy|"Hey Siri, when
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