Updated Apple Events app on tvOS hinting changes

The Apple Events tvOS app used to broadcast and inform Apples’ users about current internal events [such as the Education event in Chicago] has been updated following the announcement of their latest Education tech demo at a school in Chicago.

What’s changed?

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Despite the updated tile image for the app with the new hand-drawn Apple logo, not much has changed in terms of the User Interface [UI] and how the app works.

Watch the special event – held at Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago, Illinois – after it concludes.

Apple would usually livestream these events but as it isn’t a formal product release (or an expected product), it is almost certain, nothing will be live; unless that is, an unofficial livestream is made by an Apple News Insider [such as our friends over at 9to5mac.com]

More is yet to be unveiled but we’ll keep you updated across our social channels:






Chris Grainger
Author: Chris Grainger

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