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New iPhones To Includes New USB-C Adapters With USB-C To Lightning Cables

A new fresh report comes from Chinese social network Weibo, which claims that Apple could ship the new USB-C power adapters that come with USB-C to Lightning cables with faster charging capabilities for this year’s iPhone lineups. The redesigned 18W power adapter will enable iPhones to fast charge using the feature.

Several testings showed that USB-C fast charging would allow an iPhone to charge from 0-50% in roughly 30 minutes. Essentially – in such charging speeds could deliver an 80% charge in just an hour. As of now, this kind of fast charging feature is only available for the iPhone 8/8 Plus models, iPhone X, and iPad Pros.

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Apple’s 29W USB-PD charger was first offered in 2015, it was the MacBook’s standard charger. The upcoming charger will mark the fourth USB-PD charger, it is also the first one developed for mobile devices. Meanwhile, many other Android devices already support the fast charging far ahead of Apple.

What do you think of the upcoming changes to the charger? Let us know in the comment below.

Image Via ChongDianTou

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