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When iOS 11 was first released September of 2017, a lot of people quickly discovered many bugs and glitches. From battery drain issues to lag and freezing, bugs & glitches in iOS 11 was common. I asked a few people on the Apple Community chats on Telegram for any bugs & glitches in iOS 11 they have come across. They replied with quite a few bugs which were surprising to say the least. (Their names will not be mentioned in this article due to privacy reasons).

Screen Freezing and Battery Drain

The first person said that they are experiencing a lot of Battery drain issues on their iPhone SE. The iPhone SE is said to have the best battery life for an iPhone after the iPhone X. So hearing about this issue was quite an eyebrow raiser. He also said that he has experienced some screen issues too. To elaborate, what he meant by that was that actual text on safari sometime merge and therefore become unreadable. Also, sometimes the screen freezes. This person is on iOS 11.3.1 which isn’t surprising considering a lot of people experienced bugs on 11.3.1.

Apps Within a Folder Glitching after the Use of 3D Touch

The second person said that they experienced a lot of issues when 3D Touching on applications within a folder. To elaborate, one of the applications had a slightly different name to what they should have, and the other application was greyed out, not useable and not delete-able. As you can see from the 3 screenshots provided below:











However, he was soon able to fix it by restarting his iPhone. This glitch was experienced on 11.3. You will probably only experience this if you have an iPhone that has 3D-Touch. About half of the people I spoke to have experienced this glitch.

Taptic Engine not working properly

This 3rd person said that their Taptic Engine on their iPhone 7 wasn’t working properly. Their iPhone being on iOS 11.3.1. I didn’t get much information from him as he went offline after saying this but at least we know of the issue.

AirDrop not working properly

The 4th bug/glitch that was said was that AirDrop wasn’t working since iOS 11.3 on their iPhone 6. The person has no updated to 11.3.1 and the issue still hasn’t been resolved. Restarting the phone doesn’t fix it either. They said:

“My Bluetooth and WiFi are on, my AirDrop is turned on to everyone, and I’m not even discoverable on other devices”.


As you can see, even being at the 3rd significant iteration of iOS 11, many people are still experiencing a lot of bugs and glitches!

If you have any glitches or bugs you have found, please leave it as a comment down below!

Holden Satterwhite
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