Review: OtterBox Defender Case for the iPad 5th and 6th Generation


Almost 10 days ago, I bought the OtterBox Defender case for my iPad 5th Generation. This is the same iPad that I purchased back in March 2018 and reviewed here on this very website. Something that I noticed early on is that this case feels good in the hand. Not only does it feel tough and durable, but there’s another part of it that feels professional. I say this because I have seen other businesses use these cases as a way to not have to spend extra money per month on insurance for the device.

What I also like about this case is that built-in screen protector. It allows me to keep my device protected, but my screen as well. Plus, for the price you pay, it should be included.

An issue that I have had on my iPhone 6 (other than the battery) is that the Touch ID sensor is blocked for the most part. I don’t know if this is a problem that has been resolved on newer OtterBox Defender cases or if my iPhone’s case is just getting too old? Either way, I guess we’ll find a year or two from now. I have had no issues with using Touch ID on here so far.

The kickstand for the case is nice when in the position for typing or watching videos. It simply works the way it should. Unlike my original case for this iPad, I can move the iPad in whatever position I want, which is nice for when I use it in my bed in the morning.



Even though there is a screen protector on it, the screen still shows offs the beautiful and refulgent retina display. I don’t see hardly any differences between that and having the case off.

Where the case goes wrong is that the rear hole where the Apple logo appears seems to be crooked and not completely straight. For me, it’s really irritating since you pay a lot of money for these cases and it makes the case feel as though it is not as luxurious as the price may seem.


The kickstand does have an issue when you try to disconnect the iPad from it too. It’s a workout and you practically have to use your fingernails and all of the force you can to take the iPad off of it. I understand that the reason why it is like that is that it protects from damage on drops. On the other hand, it’s incredibly annoying.

Another tiny thing is that the buttons on the side are a little hard to push, but I think that since the case is still new to me, the buttons will loosen over time.

Overall, I’m giving the iPad 5th and 6th Generation OtterBox Defender case 3/4 stars. The rear hole for the Apple logo being uneven makes it lose a point since it is a point of pride, at least with me. Other than that, the case is good for the money, especially for those who need/want the extra protection.

This OtterBox case can be found on OtterBox’s website for $71.96, $47.99 on sale this week at Best Buy (originally $89.99), and $45.99 via Amazon.

Also, remember that the 5th Generation case will also work for the new iPad 6th Generation that was released in March 2018.

Rating: 3/4 stars

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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