Following the release of our other article detailing some of the latest hints for WWDC hidden in iOS 11.3, we have yet again found new secret hints through Siri pointing toward the idea of certain new products arriving at the upcoming WWDC18.

For several years, Apple has hidden these deceptive “Easter eggs” as an attempt to start getting fans excited about WWDC.

While some hints have been recycled this year, several new hints have also been released ahead of WWDC in just under two weeks. To find these hints for yourself ask Siri “give me a hint” on your iPhone or iPad.

iPhone SE 2?

The first phrase Siri responded with was the following: “It’s smaller than a Grafalian battle cruiser, and bigger than a mote in a Zoltaxian’s eye.”

Whole this response is not new (it was featured back in 2015 and 2016, alongside the launch of iPhone 6S and iPhone SE), it’s possible that Apple is reusing this hint because the launch of the rumoured “iPhone SE 2” is next month at WWDC.

It seems rather suspicious that Apple would reuse a hint first used to infer a new iPhone release at WWDC, if there was no new iPhone set to be unveiled at the upcoming WWDC. The use of the word “smaller” is particularly interesting – the iPhone SE is currently the smallest iPhone available to buy, with the iPhone SE 2 expected to match the current size of the device.

It’s even more interesting that the word “bigger” is later used in the hint too. Could it suggest a “big” change to the “small” device?

New Mac?

While it’s not unusual for us to see new MacBooks or MacBook Pros at WWDC, we could see an entirely new Mac at this year’s WWDC based on the new hint given to us by Siri.

It clearly mentions the word “Hello” an obsessive number of times – this word was used to sell the very first Macintosh computer.

Could it be a sign that a new Mac is in the works? While it’s highly unlikely and we’ve seen no leaks so far, it’s still possible.

VR or AR?

Sure, Apple could be trying to make Siri seem young and cool (using the abbreviation “FTW” or “For the Win”) – or they could be hiding a secret message in its seemingly random “hint”.

Dig deeper at the letters “S I R I F T W” and you’ll notice a familiar sounding product name – “RIFT”. While it’s rare for Apple to reference products from other companies, this could be hinting that Apple is about to take on the Oculus Rift, with its own VR or AR Headset.

HomePod Mini?

The last hint is the most cryptic of all. We couldn’t find anything hidden in the text for this hint, however it’s unlikely the “super awesome” product is going to be something we’ve seen before.

Based on Siri’s other hints, we can assume she’s referencing the iPhone SE 2 or HomePod Mini. However, at this stage it’s impossible to know for sure.

That’s our roundup of all the new Siri hints found in iOS 11. Let us know what you think in the comments down below or you can reach us on our Social Media’s; InstagramSnapchat, Twitter or Facebook.

Holden Satterwhite
Author: Holden Satterwhite

Founder of Appleosophy and Redfruit Media. Twitter: @hesatter

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