Apple Spotlights and Promotes Animoji in an Amazing ‘Taxi Driver’ ad

In their new ad, Apple spotlights and promotes Animoji in an amazing ‘Taxi Driver’ ad. This ad lasts for a minute and was premiered on Apple’s Korean YouTube channel. Neon lights within the ad brought the iPhone X’s Animoji to life.

Some background information

Apple released two Animoji-related/themed music spots for the Grammy Awards earlier this year. This was followed by another music spot for the UK BRIT music awards. These awards took place in February of 2018. Apple then extended this series of released by featuring the South Korean group HYKOH’s new single. This new single is called ‘Citizen Kane’ and was released yesterday on Apple Music. This has been released early as the EP will be released on May 31st. Apple’s ad features the following iPhone X Animojis: bear, dragon and chicken. Two of these Animojis were released and added to iOS in the recent iOS 11.3 update.

Previous Ads

Previous Animoji ads featured tracks from artists like Migos, Childish Gambino and Royal Blood. These ads were well received by audiences online. Apple has collaborated closely with HYUKOH for the new spot. This will also probably coordinate with its premiere for the song’s debut. A collaboration similar to this happened with duo Sofi Tukker. Their hit ‘Best Friend’ was featured in the original marketing material for the iPhone X.

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This new Animoji ad winds viewers through Neon-lit streets in an Asian city at night. During the ad, the Animojis used sing karaoke. The  neon graphics used are similar to the ones used in the opening of the new store in Japan. As stated on 9To5Mac, Apple’s presence in South Korea has grown notably in 2018 with the hiring of a former Samsung and Microsoft executive as well as the opening of the company’s first retail location in the country.

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Holden Satterwhite
Author: Holden Satterwhite

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