iPhone Sales Grew 16% in Q1 in US

IDC figures showed that Apple’ iPhone sales grew 16% in Q1 in US. This is quite surprising as they dropped by 11% across the smartphone market. Counterpart has reported that iPhone sales in Q1 of 2018 grew by 16% compared to what it was this time last year. This is a pleasing new record for Apple. This will be quite motivating as well as the market as a whole has dropped by 11% as a whole.

As quoted from Counterpoint:

‘Apple shipped a record 16 million iPhones for the first time ever in a Q1 in the US. This is a 16% YoY increase, with the OEM showing continued success in taking share away from Samsung in the premium market space. It now commands 80% of the +$800 price band.’

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The numbers are quite significant as this means in the US, Apple’s market share is at 42%. This is significant because this is almost double Samsung’s market share. Samsung’s market share is at 22% and they are second place in terms of dominance in the market. This is quite good news when comparing Apple to Samsung and there is more.

As quoted from Counterpoint:

Samsung’s sales declined 4% YoY which indicate weaker sell-through of their premium Galaxy models. Overall, Apple’s super-premium segment ($800 and above) accounted for 20% of US total sales during Q1. Samsung contributed 8%.

In US, six out of ten of the best-selling smartphones are iPhones. This is quite a significant number and emphasises the dominance Apple has in the market. It also shows how popular iPhones are in US. The image below shows the top 10 selling smartphones in the US market featured on Counterpoints report):

What does it show?

Counterpoint has broken down the top 10 smartphones in terms of storage. Due to this, the iPhone X gets 2 spots because of the 64gb and 256gb storage versions. Many people said that the iPhone X wouldn’t sell well because it is quite expensive. This is logical as paying more than $800 is seen to be absurd for just a smartphone. This is because you could purchase a high spec-ed windows laptop/desktop for $800. Regardless of this, the iPhone X accounts for 28% of the US smartphone market. This is shocking but not surprising to say the least. Earlier this month, the iPhone X  was declared to be the world’s best selling smartphone. Good news and results for Apple to say the least. Their market share should be boosted when the new 3 iPhone X models are announced at WWDC 2018.

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Holden Satterwhite
Author: Holden Satterwhite

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