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Apple Begins to Offer $50 Credit to Customers Who Paid Full Price of $79 for iPhone Battery Replacement in 2017

Good news! Apple begins to offer $50 credit to customers who paid full price of $79 for iPhone battery replacement in 2017. This is to compensate for the customers that were affected by the battery issue and got theirs replaced in 2017.

Why Did the Price Discount for the Battery Replacement Occur?

This is because in 2018, Apple admitted that they slow down the CPU speeds of older iPhones. This was done to preserve the battery health of your iPhone. And also, to ensure that your iPhone doesn’t randomly reboot at around the 30-40% battery mark. However, this move didn’t work as well as older iPhones became slow because of the slow speed. Also, battery life was bad due to the battery health of your old iPhone. Apple then discounted their price from $79 to $29 in the US. In the UK, I believe it was a reduction of £79 to £25.

How Will the Refund be Processed?

As already mentioned, customers who got their battery replaced in 2017 will be given free $50 credit. This is because the $50 perfectly matches the difference between the old price and the current discounted price. Apple will start to distribute these partial refunds. However, this only applies if you took your iPhone for the replacement at either an Apple store, Apple Repair Center or an Authorized Seller. If you got your battery replaced from a 3rd party shop, Apple will not cover the partial refund for that. This also only applies for people who paid for the out-of-warranty repair.

How Will Affected Customers be Contacted?

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Apple will be contacting affected customers via their email. The emails will be sent out between today and July. The email will be informing them that they are eligible for free $50 credit as well as how to redeem the credit. If a customer isn’t contacted but believes they are eligible, they may contact and chase Apple themselves. If you have been affected by this, you are an eligible customer and haven’t been contacted by July, please contact Apple yourself; otherwise you should be good.


If you have further questions or comments, feel free to leave it down below!

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