Tapbots Releases Tweetbot 5 for iOS


Over the summer, Tapbots released an update to their Mac app, which was Tweetbot 3 for Mac. Today, the company has released the newest version of their iOS app, which is Tweetbot 5. 

What the new update contains in it is a brand new look that makes the iOS version look like the Tweetbot 3 for Mac version. The designs now visually look the same. On top of that, they added a darker Dark Mode. Dark Mode is something that the app had in its previous incarnation, but now it is even darker.

Another addition to the app was built-in GIPHY, meaning that you can put GIFs in your tweets right through the app, whereas previously, you had to either have the GIPHY app on your iPhone or iPad or find one from Google Images or Twitter. It is also something that used to be exclusive to the official Twitter app. Clearly, that is not the case anymore.


One other item that I noticed is that the videos automatically load on your timeline. Previously, users had to click on the video in order for it to be played.

The full list of what was updated in Tweetbot 5 can be found in the photo below:


The new version of the app does not fix the streaming issue that the app has had since August 2018 when Twitter changed their API for third-party apps. You will still have to swipe up if you want to refresh your timeline.

Tweetbot 5 is a free update in the App Store for users that have already purchased Tweetbot 4. Tweetbot 5 itself is a premium app in the iOS App Store and costs $4.99.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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