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365 Days with Apple Watch – A review

So, I’ve had my Apple Watch Series 3 for a year now. That’s 12 months or 52.18 weeks or 365 days or 8760 hours. I can proudly say that I’ve worn this beautiful piece of technology on my wrist for a year. Day on; day off. Nothing else has satisfied me. While a Rolex looks nice and is a good “flex” – I feel that my Apple Watch is now something I depend on.


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Over the course of this year, I’ve burned over 575,000 calories and have done more than 700 workouts. Apple Watch has meant that I can track and monitor my health whenever I need it and I always have it accessible. The competitions have also meant that a kind-spirited sportsman-like nature is also taken when sharing how much I’ve achieved. I am also fortunate enough to have a good heart-rate, but I have used the monitor to check how accurate my heart-rate is.


After upgrading from an iPhone 8+ to an iPhone XS Max, I can happily say that all my data was transferred over and I could still continue to build on top of what I had previously done with my old phone. As the Apple Watch has become more popular, I have found more of a purpose with Apple Watch; to use it in formal ways, just as much as using it as a fitness tracker. These apps have enabled me to be able to execute tasks, normally restricted to just an iPhone, from an Apple Watch, meaning that things can be done somewhat remotely.

With macOS High Sierra and Mojave, I have been able to come home from wherever and only have to tap my Mac keyboard for it to be unlocked by my Watch. This is an important feature fro me since it’s so much easier to login and shows the ease of how Apple products are all connected with each other. I’ve also been able to control my music which is the best way to in my opinion. Volume. Song. Pause/Play. The simplistic controls are easy to look at and blend in with the Operating System really well.

  Time. Again and again.

It’s a watch. Watches tell time. So as you’d expect, Apple has gone and ‘reinvented it’ just like they did with the phone. The customization options that watchOS’s faces have is insane. The range of template faces is more than enough almost and then being able to customize the minute details to the face, just makes the experience even more radical. I am hoping to get the Apple Watch Series 4 in the next few days, so I’ll have even more space to preoccupy with valuable information.


Overall, Apple Watch has exceeded my expectations and has been my fitness companion for a year. I highly recommend it and I am excited to see what Apple Watch Series 4 can do for me.

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