Leaked images allegedly show a new “iPad Mini 5”

Twitter user “Mr•white” (@laobaiTD) has shared images of what he claims to be the next iPad Mini. He posted images of the shell (back/inside) and logic board (front, back, and in shell).

The images show that the design language will be similar to the 2nd Generation iPad Pros. It has the same style antenna lines, a headphone jack, presumably Lightning, and no camera flash. It also appears to have the lower-res camera that the current iPad (6th Generation) has, as there is no camera bump. Also, there are only 2 speakers.

The leaker claims that the iPad will feature the 2015 A9 chip. This is interesting, since Apple seems to have done away with the A9: no more iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, or iPad (5th Generation). However, its also possible that Apple is trying to get this iPad in the $200-$230 range to offer iPad access to even more people.

There is also no TrueDepth Camera System, so it’s safe to assume that this iPad will use Touch ID, just like the current Mini and regular iPads.


Post One: “iPad mini 5 / 4 A9 Chip

Post Two: “iPad mini 4s I think we call it like this. ????

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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