Opinion: My Top 5 Recommended Tech Books for 2019

I have read a lot of books over the last few years, specifically when I started college back in 2014. And no, I do not mean college textbooks. We’re talking about good ole’ normal reading books.

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These books are not tech-related books that are coming out in 2019, but books that have come out over the last several years that are all available on Apple Books and are related to Apple and technology. Note that there is no specific ranking system.

  1. I, Justine by Justine Ezarik: This book was released in 2015 and tells the story of her life, which includes stories about her gaming days, building her first website, along with purchasing her first Mac. The book is $11.99 through Apple Books.


  2. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson: The life of Steve Jobs is told from the words of Jobs and Isaacson. It is about Jobs’s early childhood, upbringing, life before Apple and his experience of running and managing Apple in the late 1970s and almost all throughout the 1980s. The book does take his other projects after that and his return to Apple in the late 1990s, as well as the decisions he made from there on out. It currently runs for $14.99.


  3. Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products by Leander Kahney: Want to know about the mastermind about some of Apple’s amazingly designed products? This book about Jony Ive should be able to do the job. You can get it for $11.99.


  4. The Apple Experience: Secrets to Building Insanely Great Customer Loyalty by Carmine Gallo: Have you ever been interested in how Apple and their Apple Stores have become so great and unique? This book will be a great map to show you how Apple does what they do and how, if you are interested in creating a business of your own, you can make your own business stand out from the rest. It is a little more expensive than the other books I have mentioned, but you can get it from Apple Books for $19.99.


  5. Generation Next by Oli White: This book is different from the ones I have just mentioned. For starters, it is fictional and deals more so with social media and running a company. However, it is still a good book if you can imagine yourself starting some form of tech or media company one day, and perhaps it could give you the inspiration you need in order to start said business. Generation Next currently runs for $19.99 on Apple Books and is only available in audiobook. There is no eBook for this book.


David Becker
Author: David Becker

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