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The keyboards on the newer MacBooks allow for a thin and beautiful form factor, but the reduced travel and flat keys make it difficult for those used to traditional keyboards. Thankfully, on my search for the perfect typing software, I found the app “Type Fu”.

Type Fu is available on the Mac App Store for 5$, and right off the bat, its worth every penny. The first time you use it, you start to love the design language of the app, and how the UI is very simple and clean. This is especially important when we are going to be spending long hours staring at its interface.

The app works like any other typist, it starts you off from “Level 0”, and as you master the first two keys, “f” and “j”, it progresses by adding more keys to the dictionary. The option to manually select the keys to be practiced with is also available, along with a very useful virtual keyboard that shows you which finger to use for each letter. The best part is you can choose the consistency of speed and accuracy required to be able to progress to the next levels. Everything in the UI can be changed like the font size, speed unit, visual aids, keyboard layout, key sounds, etc.

What sets Type Fu really apart is the 5 available dictionaries: words, proverbs, facts, quotes, and code. My favorite, the facts dictionary, makes sure that it keeps you interested and doesn’t bore you out after time. Type Fu is also only one of few apps out there that have a “code” dictionary! If you code a lot, then you would know that some symbols and unconventional keys are used very often. The code dictionary helps you to practice using those unconventional keys by giving you actual code to practice typing with, and you can even choose between different languages such as CSS, CoffeeScript, HTML, JavaScript, and even Swift! You can also import your own dictionary, for example, Python. The same custom import option is available in the other modes too, along with the option to change the language. This is one of the only apps I’ve seen that provides a wide level of customization, to custom tailor the typing practice for the use case scenario.

The sweet cherry on top is the option to be able to view session-based or all-time stats. It shows you a graph of accuracy and speed, and a heat map, highlighting your most typed or mistyped keys. This is especially useful when you are looking to improve your weakest keys. The only thing left to wish for is a dark theme to go with macOS Mojave. Other than that, this app is a complete package, and if you’re looking to improve your typing skills, then Type Fu is the app for you.

Praveen Nagaraj
Author: Praveen Nagaraj

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