Apple releases macOS Big Sur beta 3 for developers

Today, Apple has released the latest version of macOS Big Sur for developers. Almost a month since this software version was announced, we now get closer to the launch date slated for this Fall, with new features and issues on our devices.

Straight from Apple’s release notes, we can see that a plethora of issues have been fixed on Developer Beta 3. Ranging from issues related to the kernel and algorithms, to Metal and other issues that heavily hindered the user experience in macOS 11.

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Not much has changed from Developer Beta 2, but this has helped to minimize the rate of bugs and other unpleasant features from the experience. Being honest, the biggest change is that the infamous new battery icon has been changed for a new, sleeker design that doesn’t look like something out of 2009 Apple with Scott Forrestall.

If you decode to update to the Developer or Public beta, remember to have a back-up of your data and be careful. Installing one of these betas on your main devices can be dangerous, so everyone at Appelosophy advices you to do this at your own risk.

Are you excited for all of the new features coming in Fall? Do you feel like the way Apple has handled this version of macOS? Tell us your opinion down below.

Emilio Morales
Author: Emilio Morales

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