Review: Philo TV

Philo TV is the lowest of low when it comes to live TV streaming services. It is marketed at those who are not big sports fans and can live without it and instead have channels that a person might actually want.

I have been using Philo TV over the last couple of months and have to say that it is definitely a service that those without the need to be consuming sports 24/7 should be using this. For lack of a better term, this service was made for you.

There is truly something for everyone on this service, whether that is watching Spongebob on Nickelodeon, reruns of iCarly on TeenNick, reruns of Last Man Standing on CMT or Hallmark Channel movies.

Where Philo stands out the most is its price. For only $16 a month, you get access to 44 channels and for $20 a month, you get access to another 13 more channels. In the live TV streaming world, that is really not that bad and affordable for the average consumer. Click here to view all of the channels that you can get on the service.

My favorite feature of Philo is that you can simply add a show to a list of favorite shows and movies, and right from there, the service will automatically save any broadcasts of that show or movie and save it to your DVR so that you can watch it later.

Say you’re a fan of Doctor Who on BBC America. If BBC America is running a marathon of the show, you can add the show to your favorites and that is all that is required to have those episodes saved. To make things even better, for watching content on the DVR, you can fast forward through the commercials. This is something that you cannot do with my family’s Sling TV on-demand and is something that I wish you could do, but I do understand why they don’t allow you to do so.

Another cool thing about the service is that you can literally sign-in with your phone number. This makes it so that it’s not as easy for other people to use your account, which is something that you could see with the traditional email method of signing in. Once you have entered your phone number, it will send you a text message with a code number as your password. This makes it so that if someone else were to try and sign in, you’ll be the first to know.

I’d honestly give this service 4/4 stars. It excels where it needs to do so and listens to a market that does not get as much attention as the sports fans, but has been something that has been desperately needed for a while now. If you’re not a sports fan and just want the pure essentials of TV channels and programming, then this is the service for you. Starting at only $16 a month, it does not get any better (or cheaper) than that in 2019.

Philo TV is available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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