We usually show the deals for both Best Buy and Target for the week because they are two of the biggest retailers in the United States and that they both accept Apple Pay. For this week, we are just doing Best Buy since they have the most Apple product deals this week, with Target not having much in return.

Best Buy does have some excellent deals this week on Apple products. One of these deals I will say is on the iPad sixth generation, which is ironic since they had a deal similar to that last year on the iPad fifth generation that I took advantage of and got as part of my 2018 tax refund. 

Getting back to the main point of this, here are the following Apple deals that you can find at Best Buy this week: 

  • Save up to $100 on the iPad sixth generation on select models 
  • Save up to $200 on select models of the MacBook Pro 
  • Get the clear Apple-branded iPhone XR case for only $39.99 
  • Get up to a $400 Best Buy gift card with a qualified trade-in of an iPhone 
  • Save $150 on the iPhone X

These deals will be available all throughout this week and you can get them at Best Buy’s retail stores and on their website and app. Get the deals while you can!