Society Favors Live Services and This Is Why

Appleosophy | Society Favors Live Services and This Is Why
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Every decade has consumed media differently. In the 1920s, media was a revolution. Soldiers had returned home to their loved ones following the end of World War I, and new technologies, such as the radio and silent movies, were invented to help them enjoy their new lives.

In contrast, the 1960s saw a lot of consolidation. Television and radio were no longer there strictly for entertainment purposes; these mediums began to integrate several other things. The public broadcasting of the first-ever moon landing is only one example of what was reaching the average American from their living room during the 1960s.

Over the most recent decade — and the one before that — media has returned to being a revolution. While television and radio are still used as a primary source of news from the world, new technologies, such as live applications and live games, have changed how we live and connect with those around us.

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Today’s Society Wants to Connect in Real-Time

The world today values things like convenience, and individuals enjoy having options. Knowing we can pick and choose depending on our moods and schedule results in an overall sense of ease and can reduce unnecessary stress. That is likely why the US video streaming app revenue was sitting at $24.1 billion in 2020.

That being said, human beings are also social animals, so while we enjoy convenience, we also want to feel connected to others, especially in real-time. As a result, live applications and live games have become almost as popular as video-streaming platforms, such as Apple TV, which can be accessed standalone or through Apple’s all-in-one subscription service.

Live Applications

Without the invention of the first iPhone in 2007, it is hard to imagine live apps and live games would have acquired the popularity and influence they have in 2021. After all, Apple introduced the world to mobile applications, and with updated iPhones released every single year, the App Store has only become more advanced. Since 2007, Apple has gifted us with the ability to download applications and receive live news alerts, sports scores, and social media messages from our friends. Apple has not only allowed us to connect with the world in real-time, but it has also given businesses another model to increase their viewership and revenue.


For instance, DAZN is a sports subscription video streaming service that is available on TV, but it has seen much of its success come from its application that’s available through the App Store. In 2019, Sports Promedia reported DAZN saw 26% of its viewership come from mobile, beating 21% on smart TV and 17% on desktop.

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Live Games and Communication

Apple mastered society’s need to connect with the world in real-time by creating the App Store, but so too have other industries. The online casino industry and the retail sector are two examples, having known from existing scenarios that the general population is looking for live ways to connect with others through technology, no matter where they are or what they are doing. For instance, Betway Casino offers live casino games that allow players to connect with real dealers as they spin the roulette wheel or deal the cards. Players can engage in games like live Roulette, live Blackjack, or live Baccarat, where they go head-to-head with a dealer in real-time. They can do this from wherever they are and whenever they want. Meanwhile, retail companies like Target offer live customer service chats on their app, which allows clients to chat online with an employee in real-time.

Back to the 1920s

While we can expect new products from Apple in 2021, like a new iPad, we can also expect other industries to do what Apple does best: appeal to basic human desires, like connecting with others in real-time. Whether it is facing a dealer in a live casino game, receiving live alerts about an ongoing event, or talking to a retail employee in a real-time chat, technology has returned to a stage where we are using it to connect with others and bring joy to our lives. Just like technology did for many in the post-World War I era.

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